Posted by berek on Wednesday, March 2. 2011

Knowing your weaknesses is a good thing, a very good thing.  If you recently had a job interview you should have already considered your weak points and if you are getting ready for an interview it is a MUST.

Weaknesses do not include: 

  • I work too hard
  • I love too much

Weaknesses will change with your job description.  If you don’t know a lick of PHP that should not hurt if you are applying for a Ruby.On.Rails position, but you might need to know bash if your are going to be a System Administrator.  There are weaknesses that will have an affect across the board.  Verbal communication and  writing are great examples that can’t hurt in almost any field.

You need to stay aware of the evolution of your skills and job description and constantly reevaluate them.

Having a recurring assessment of your weaknesses will allow you keep improving over time.  By concentrating on the skills that are most needed and need the most work will allow you to build these skills like an RPG character.

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