Learning a New Language

Posted by berek on Thursday, May 5. 2011

There is more to learning a new programming language then going over a few tutorials on how to build a blog.

I have been using Ruby.On.Rails on the side for about 2 years and after giving a short talk about Ruby I realized I didn’t really know Ruby or Rails.  I had a vague understanding of Rails and MVC and Ruby was just another language to write if statements with.

I know the general syntax and concepts to do the basic stuff in Java, Ruby, C#, and a few other languages but I don’t think I have an advanced knowledge of any.  To make excuses I think it is because when ever I need to learn a new language it is on a time restraint and I don’t seem to have the time to do the grunt work that is needed to “learn” the language.

Time needs to be spent to go through examples, read multiple books, and dive into the parts of the language that are unique to itself.  By making the time you will gain a much better understanding and mastery that will allow you to build more effectively and efficiently.

I need to take that next step to become a better developer.

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