So long, Geocities!

Posted by Double Compile on Monday, October 26. 2009

Well, GeoCities, you had a very long run. A small part of me is sad to see you go. Another part of me is getting intoxicated in celebration.

GeoCities can be explained as a writhing and shrieking cesspool of tag soup within which, once one managed to dredge through the utterly purposeless, gaudy, and pulsing adornments, one could find minuscule amounts of useful information.

I remember your competitors way back when: Tripod, Angelfire, and even Crosswinds. You made it easy for the first generation of Web neophytes to express themselves in a hideous and grotesque manner as illustrated by Bruce Lawson (coincidentally, in reference to the intoxication comment above, I met Bruce at OSCON and exchanged pleasantries over alcohol).

So here's to you o harbinger of pedestrian drivel! Don't let the door hit you on the animated .gif ass on your way out.
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