Oracle 10g XE and OpenVZ

Posted by Double Compile on Tuesday, May 6. 2008 in Databases

Last night I tried to install Oracle 10g XE on my Debian-based database server for testing purposes. Tried is the key word here.

Interestingly enough, Oracle offers a deb repository for this purpose. Add the following line to your /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb unstable main non-free

Then execute the following commands as root (or with sudo) to add Oracle's public signing key and then install Oracle XE:

# wget  -O- | sudo apt-key add - 
# apt-get update
# apt-get install oracle-xe

Here's the catch: my database server is an OpenVZ VPS. The Oracle installer checks for a sufficiently large swap partition and will bomb out if one of a sufficient size is not found. OpenVZ VPSs do not have a swap partition.

OpenVZ does support swap space, and that swap space can be set with barriers and limits, but the swap space is as a whole meaning that there is one swap space for the entire system, not a user-configurable swap space per-VPS.

So now comes the task of tricking the installer to think I the VPS has a swap partition, or trying to get it on there some other way.  Stay tuned for the nuttiness.

Oracle is stupid.

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  • peter
    *I had exactly the same problem except I am installed xe into a centos vps. Any luck with your efforts?
  • Nicolas Parpandet
    *just put a fake free command un /usr/bin/free did the trick root@oracle:/# cat /usr/bin/free cat
  • Dun
    *I faced the same problem, I finally found a solution. I just wrote an article explaining the solution here :
  • Xupeng
    *Hi, have you figured out how to install oracle XE in and openvz container?
  • Edwin
    *I used a script found on the internet to make fake swap report : #!/bin/bash SWAP="${1:-2048}" NEW="$[SWAP*1024]"; TEMP="${NEW//?/ }"; OLD="${TEMP:1}0" umount /proc/meminfo 2> /dev/null sed "/^Swap\(Total|Free\):/s,$OLD,$NEW," /proc/meminfo > /etc/fake_meminfo mount --bind /etc/fake_meminfo /proc/meminfo I changed the 3rd line SWAP="${1:-2048}" with 2048 for the amount of swap as it was what oracle asked for (4G ram viewed as ram / half real half swap)
  • nish
    *did u happen to figure out a solution for this... struggling with the same.

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