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Posted by Double Compile on Friday, April 25. 2008 in GNU/Linux

Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron came out yesterday. I meant to upgrade yesterday but, on a whim, I thought I'd install from scratch and live blog it. What follows is the result of that effort.

Did I mention I ordered the limited edition Hardy Heron t-shirt from the Canonical store? Because I did.

16:44: Heading over to the Ubuntu site to find a torrent link.

16:46: Got the link, logging into my TorrentFlux server to start downloading it.

17:08: Had to edit the OpenVZ configuration file for the VPS on which TorrentFlux was running. It was hitting the maxlimit for numtcpsock. Restarted the VPS and continuing download at a measly 600 KiB/s (Ubuntu Gutsy was downloading at around 1900 KiB/s), anyway, 74% done.

17:16: Success. Burning the ISO to a CD.

17:25: The CD is burned, labelled, and I have a Coca-Cola Vanilla in my hand. Restarting.

17:28: Stupid Bluetooth keyboard and mouse won't work until I screw with the bluetooth config files. Lame! Using another USB keyboard in the meantime.

17:29: The Installation wallpaper is totally cool-looking. I think this is the design on the t-shirt I ordered. My second monitor has garbledness all over it. Here we go.

17:31: Of course I want US-Dvorak. What sane person would use anything else? On to the partitioner.

17:36: Dude, well done to prompt me to import settings from the user accounts on my rarely-used NTFS partition! If I had anything useful over there, it might be cool to automatically have it brought over. For the record, I boot from that Windows partition maybe once or twice a year.

17:39: Beginning formatting and installation. Now I wait. Time to play with my cat.

17:51: Install complete. Restarting, w00t!

17:58: First thing's first.  Time to install some bare necessities. sudo aptitude install p7zip-full (some of my configuration files were archived)

18:09: Trying to enable the restricted NVIDIA driver.  Adding the definitions for my bluetooth devices to the configuration file.

18:37: It's been so long since I needed to pair with my bluetooth mouse and keyboard that I forgot the black magic involved.  Anyway, they're working now and I'm using them.  Time to configure dual monitors.

18:48: Replaced my existing xorg.conf with my old one. Simple TwinView setup.  Restarted xorg and everything is peachy.  Now I can comfortably install some software, huh?

18:52: Need some tunes, installing Exaile.  Starting to restore backed-up files from my Openfiler server.

18:57: The new GNOME file copy/move progress dialog is awesome.

19:14: The Ubuntu repositories are slooooowwwwwww.  I'm downloading freepats at a blazing 2 KiB/s.  I wanted to install open-iscsi and set up an iSCSI connection to my SAN, but I guess I have to wait while the other packages take their sweet time. Stupid.

19:50: So as it turns out, I can't hook up the iSCSI connector to Openfiler just yet.  Grumble.  Going on to install normal stuff.

20:50: Turns out the dotdeb repositories have broken dependencies for some of the PHP libraries.  Going to have to use Ubuntu's for now.  I'm being kidnapped to go see a movie.  More tomorrow.

10:19, the next day: Back in action.  Some of my favorite Firefox plugins haven't been updated yet.  Namely, LiveHttpHeaders and FasterFox.

11:19: Installed and configured Compiz Fusion, Emerald (with the Kind of Green theme), and Drapes.  Still copying backed up files.

11:48: We've got sun-java6 and Eclipse with the PDT plugin and Subclipse using JavaHL. Huzzah.  Time to install Aptana.

12:10: Alright, Aptana's in and now Evolution is configured with my mail accounts.  Inexplicably, my backup missed my configuration, but oh, well.  I think this baby is good to go, hope you enjoyed the post.

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